Gentlemen, Start Your Engines...

Here we are... we live in sunny, hot, and humid FL, right??  On an almost daily basis, those of us who reside here wish for cooler weather! Yet, there are thousands of Americans who CHOOSE to come here on vacation! Why, you might ask?  To go to Disney & see the Daytona 500.  

Those of us who live here and go to Bible Baptist Church, love the opportunities.  While the race fans are piling into the stadium in Daytona Beach, we line the streets with signs, tracts, and banners proclaiming the gospel to the Nascar fans.  

The funny thing?  People totally decked out in Nascar (I'm talking hat, shirt, pants, flip-flops, etc) gear walk by a group of people in red Jesus Saves shirts and yell out, "You guys are fanatics!"  LOL... talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  

Anyways... we were able to get out many tracts today and there were tons of people who saw Bible verses on signs.  We'll be back again tomorrow.  Pray that some souls will trust Christ as their Savior!  

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