A little disappointment turned into a wonderful day

Today, David and I were supposed to meet with his former pastor and good friend, Bro. Joel Logan.  David and I are not in AL very often, so we don't get to spend much time with the Logans, but we always enjoy it when we do! Well, today we were supposed to meet Bro. Joel and his daughter, Hannah, for lunch.  Bro. Joel called and let us know that he wouldn't be able to make it because there was something going on at the meeting where he is preaching.  We were very disappointed, but figured while we were out, we were going to do something together.  (Forgot to mention this earlier this week... we went to see him in Riverview, FL on Wednesday evening.)

So... what started out as a bummer turned into a wonderful day with my husband!  We looked for a Santa Clause hat (need it for a skit) and Mickey Mouse "ears" all over the place (to no avail), ate a wonderful lunch at Panera Bread in Altamonte, and had a great time walking through the mall and talking (we even purchased 2 "Bargain Books" at Barnes & Noble).  

The moral of the story:  When things don't go as planned, don't despair!  It might turn out okay, even wonderful.  Sure, you might still wish your original plans had worked out, but don't let it ruin your day!  


Saved by God's Grace said...

aww That picture is so adorable! =)

Jenna said...

Good way to look at things!