My Day in a List

What I did today:
  1. I slept in (zzzzz)
  2. I exercised (yay! I am still doing well and have lost about 12 lbs. in the last month)
  3. I spent time with my husband
  4. I was fingerprinted (We are going to be volunteering in a juvenile delinquent facility)
  5. I spent the afternoon with Kirby (a girl in our youth group)
  6. I ate at Moe's (Welcome to Moe's!)
  7. I went to a revival with David & the youth
  8. I ate an IceDream cone at Chick-fil-A (Only 160 calories)
I had a very good day!  
P.S.  Check out this poem that Esther wrote.  


Jenna said...

Sweet! I've been loosing weight too since I saw you. Maybe when we see each other again we won't recognize each other. LOL

Lauren said...

Wouldn't that be great?! I'm really trying to eat well, and exercise more! The best motivation is seeing results!