Sugar Cookies

The other day, Esther and I had an interesting conversation.  It goes something like this:
Scene:  Lauren walking down the hall at church.  Esther and Carrie walking the other way.  
Lauren: Do either of you all want a cookie?  
Esther: I saw those cookies last night. They looked and smelled disgusting!  I don't want one.  
Lauren:  um, Esther... I made those cookies!
Esther:  They look and smell disgusting.  
Carrie:  I'll try one...  Yum!
Esther:  Fine, I'll try one, too...  they are good. I wish I had five more.  
Lauren: Are you lying?  

Thankfully for Esther's sake, I'm not easily offended when people call my yummy cookies disgusting.  

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Saved by God's Grace said...

lol this is cute ;)
Your blogs are so adorable Lauren.