I read a children's book today called The Librarian Who Measured the Earth. It was a good book for many reasons, and you can read a post about it on my other blog (click here). Many concepts are addressed in this book (it would be great for teaching social studies or science, even math); but that's not what I wanted to mention here.

Erastosthenes is this really smart guy who lived long, long ago, right? He became the head of the library in Alexandria. He later calculated the circumference of the earth (he was off only by 200 miles). Do you know what he liked? Lists. I thought that was really interesting and it made me happy (isn't it the little things in life?). This blog is called A Day in the Life of the Brown Family: Ramblings from our lives. I think it should say "Random" before that second part.

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Jennifer said...

Neat! We learn something new every day don't we?