Photo Ramblings, Free Wi-Fi, & Funeral Update

I found some more old pictures that were scanned into the computer for our wedding today... some of them are so funny...
my family (long ago) at a rest stop on vacation
my husband...  I can't imagine him blonde
Another old picture...  my brother (In the white tshirt) is now 6'5"!
David & Kimberly (little sister)

my first experience with cooking, I guess
in  his Uncle Dave & Aunt Donna's wedding... how cute
my kindergarten picture (first year of homeschooling)
David & Kimberly again
my brother & me... he was on his way to preschool

On another note:  Something just made me think of wireless internet, and I had to "blog" this story.  

When it first became popular, Subway had on their sign "Free Wi-Fi."  My mom, my aunt, and I were driving by one day, and they read the sign and said something like, "I wonder what that is and if it's any good."  Trying to contain my laughter in the backseat, I said they should go in and ask to try some.  I guess I didn't succeed at hiding my mirth because they both knew something was up.  Since they weren't going to ask for some, I explained what it was.  I really wish they had been a bit more gullible!  

My mom and my aunt can be a riot to be around!  Last year about this time, we were in CVS Pharmacy looking at cards.  We started laughing so hard that the clerk came over to ask what was so much fun.  That only made us laugh that much harder. Does anyone else do that?  My family always finds something hilarious on the card aisle.  

On another note:  The funeral today went relatively well.  The vast majority of those in attendance were lost and not interested in hearing the gospel.  There was only a graveside service as the family intended it to be very brief.  The man they asked to present the gospel apparently did not understand that and preached a 30 minute sermon.  If you were saved, it was a fine sermon.  If you weren't, the gospel was not crystal clear. David was able to give a concise gospel message at the close of the service. That is what the family wanted - opportunity for lost friends to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Thanks for your prayers!


Anonymous said...

The pics were great - I especially liked the slideshow at the bottom of the page!
Your blog is just so cute!

Brittany said...

Oh how cute you should come visit my blog...www.ispeakfashion.blogspot.com I am a christian too :)

God Bless you,

Brittany said...

Hey come visit my blog I am a christian too!:)


Can't wait to here from you!

Tori said...

Hey those were so good, I ♥ memories!

Did I tell you, I love the new look of the blog?

The Herd said...

I love the old pics! Too fun!

~Tori~ said...

Old pictures are so much fun! :-D

That is hilarious about your mom and aunt!! That would have been really funny had they walked in and asked for some!! :-D