The Library Escapade

So, I've been reading this really good book, right? The one about teaching reading comprehension? Yep... that's the one. Today, I decided to swing by the library to pick up some of the books that it recommends.

On my way in the door, I'm searching for my library card. I can't find it in my wallet or anywhere else in my purse. So, I grabbed my driver's license, hoping that would get me somewhere. As I walk inside and get in line to find out if I can either get a replacement card or use my driver's license as a card, I get behind this lady who is getting her new card (wow... I'm abusing the word card). The librarian hands her her new one, as well as a small card that fits on your key ring. Hmm... I think, that sounds awfully familiar. Guess what I find when I pull out my keys? You guessed it: my library card (the hand-dandy, "never lose it" size... well, I "lost" it).

As if my embarrassment wasn't great enough, I thought I might have a fine, so I hand the lady my not-so-lost library card (and my keys) to figure out how much I owe... if I told you the amount, you would never speak to me again, so I won't. Let's just put it this way... I keep the library in business! Thanks to me, you can check out books for free. (It's not quite that bad, but doesn't it make for a great story?)

All that to say, I got some books at the library today. I'll have to let you know if they are any good or worth reading.


~Tori~ said...

How funny! Glad to hear things turned out okay....well, aside from the fine! :-) Don't worry - our family keeps our library in business too! :-D

The Herd said...

Our family(well,my fun money goes there) takes care of the library too!! Last time I went, I paid it quickly, b/c I didn't want my DH to hear what it was!! It's mainly the kids movies that I forget b/c they are a week long.