Photo Ramblings & Trip Update

Isn't it nice that there can be two
different temperatures in the car?
Guess where we ate?
Isn't this kinda cute?  
Look closely behind David's head...  
we were at McDonalds!  
David driving on I-95 in traffic... 
Had a picture of the Scooby Doo 
car, but it didn't turn out at all.  
This is what was causing the traffic.

I got bored, so I was taking pictures
of random items in the car... these are
our church clothes (which we didn't
have to wear... it was VERY casual)
Another "bored shot."  My purse.
David wanted me to take this one...  
the cow was sticking his head through
a barbed wire fence.  The "grass is 
always greener," I suppose.

David and I had a nice day yesterday.  We left our house around noon, and arrived in Okeechobee around 3 or 3:30, I think.  As I mentioned, we were in traffic for quite a while (thus the various and sundry pictures).  The family we visited was not as we had expected, but we had a good time nonetheless.  They are missionaries on an Seminole Indian Reservation.  We were able to drive around the "Res" (what they call the reservation) and see the casino (everything is relatively run down until you see that), their houses, their recreational spots, etc.  It's very interesting how they live.  
There were only four Seminole at the church service (there were probably 10-15 Americans).  They had asked David if he sang, and he said that he didn't but his wife did.  So, they wanted me to sing (I sang "Count The Cost," "Jesus, I am Resting," and "Jesus Wonderful Friend."  While I was singing, this moth was flying around my head and landing on my music.  It made everyone laugh, and the missionary leaned over to his wife and said, "It's a good thing she didn't breath in at the wrong time."  
David preached a great message (in my slightly biased opinion) about how God saved us by his abundant grace (NOT by works) and how we are kept through all eternity (NOT by works); BUT that God intends to make us new creatures and desires that we walk in newness of life.  So, even though we are saved by grace for eternity, we still need to spend our time serving the Lord while we're on earth.  That's why we're here:  For God's pleasure.  He went to several passages (Romans 5&6, Ephesians 2:4-10, Hebrews 9, etc.) that all made the same point.  
I almost forgot something:  They sang and prayed in the Creek language.  It was VERY interesting.  The few people that were there obviously had a love for the Lord.  They were also very glad to see us.  
David and I always enjoy long drives in the car.  It gives us ample time to talk about our future (when we have kids, what we're going to do with the youth at church, etc.).  We always make interesting decisions in the car, too (well, what we think we would do in certain situations).  We decided that we are going to homeschool our kids in a "fun," yet traditional way (we want to take nature walks, promote reading for comprehension and retention, memorize scripture rather than those silly Abeka poems, etc.).  
We also decided what we're going to "name" our future children (NOTE:  I am not pregnant).  These are obviously not set in stone, but we like the following:  
  • David Andrew, Jr ("Drew")
  • Caroline Elizabeth (my middle name is Elizabeth)
  • Logan James
  • Riley Grace
  • Addison/Madison Claire/Faith/Rose 
David likes really traditional names, and I have a tendency to like more unique names... it will be interesting to see what happens when we do have children.  
EXCITING SIDE NOTE:  My rings are ready to be picked up!!  I'm going over there today.  


Beka said...

Yeah, we're seeing more & more McDonalds like that every time we travel somewhere. :-) Looks like y'all had a good trip!

Hannah said...

i love the choices for the names. They all are really good. We too have discussed names for our children. We have decided that to keep it fair we will have to draw the name out of a hat when we have a baby (but not for quite some time). Our goals are to get settled where we want to live first and then start a family.

Names of our liking:
Tobias Weston
Titas William (keeping tradition with the twb's) The past 4 generations are all TWB's
Brienna Leann
We really like the name Abigail but we have 2 already in our church... We have not really discussed girl names as we have for boys.

Praying for you all!

The Herd said...

Love the names! Car time is great dream time!

Dear Abbi said...

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! Your blog is so cute!

I love your baby names, especially any name that involves "Grace" obviously. :)

Enjoy those strawberries for me!

Mommy said...

There are so many options when it comes to homeschooling. You sound like Charlote Mason phiolosphy. She was an educater in the 1800's I believe.

You should check into her writings. It is never to early to begin to research this stuff. Sweetie is going to start Kindergarten this year, and I am overwhlemed with these opions, LOL.

It sounds like you had a great time on your trip. :)