Photo Ramblings

My sweet husband

David always wants to take a picture of me
after I take one of him... something about being fair.

some pretty flowers outside a gas station

with Butch and Debbie @ Dixie Crossroads

David's Aunt Diane & Uncle Donnie
with Butch & Debbie

Mr. Rock Shrimp

Mrs. Rock Shrimp with baby

self-portrait of the Brown family

take 1

take 2... I like this picture


I painted my fingernails in the car... it's really
pretty much clear, so I figured it wouldn't be
that noticeable if I spilled it in the car. :0)

Another random picture


Tori said...

Those were fun to browse. You two are adorable and you both have such nice dimples, your children are sure to be blessed with them. :0)

Thanks for sharing!

~Tori~ said...

Fun! I love looking at pictures! :-)

The Herd said...

I love the self portrait! It's our tradition to take those pictures of us when we go on vacation...have done it since we were dating (over 12+ years ago!)