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blog readability test

I thought this was really funny.  There's a site which allows you to check the "reading level" of your blog...  believe it or not, it says mine is at the college level!  I find that quite humorous... I guess I should not cease using a myriad of monumental verbiage in my colloquy.  

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Mommy said...

This is too funny. I did my old blog and it said High school level. I did my new blog and it said genuis. Hmmmm... maybe if you don't say much your considered a genuis? :)

Well, over the last year I have been playing around with designing blogs. One of my friend's helped me learn a *teny* ammount of HTML. Once she did that, I just sort of toyed around with it.

I created the banner in Photo Shop. The template is actually blogger's minima dressed up. :)

I found the graphics on istockphoto.com.

It is ok to ask questions. :) I hope that my answers were more clear than mud. :)