Success Story

Tonight, David and I had a guy from church (one of David's classmates) over for dinner to discuss some things regarding an upcoming youth rally at our church...  This man traveled with a group of Christian performers who produced Christian plays, etc. so he is going to be helping us with a skit.  

Anyways... isn't it nice when dinner comes out just how it is supposed to?  The bread, broccoli, mashed potatoes, and chicken are all ready at exactly the same time?  Nothing is not quite right.  Everything is just so...  I was so happy!  However, since it was a single young guy that came over, I'm sure he didn't even notice (and that's fine).  I simply wish it would work that way when we have a family over, etc. Smile...  that's just life.  

Also, the house is immaculate... my goal is for it to be that way continually, but it definitely doesn't always happen...  I just need to fold a couple baskets of laundry tonight.

Pray for us tomorrow, we are going out and putting tracts on cars in different parking lots (we call it a tract smack-down).  We do this occasionally, and it has enabled us to pass out many tracts.  Since it is before "Resurrection Day," we hope that some people will attend church on Sunday morning and hear the gospel.  Christmas and Easter are great times to share the good news!  People go to church on those two holidays more willingly than they will any other time of year.  

I will try to get some pictures of the smack-down tomorrow.  

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Tori said...

Have a great Resurrection Day Lauren!

And I love the same for your tracting, smack down, isn't that exactly what it is? How funny, we were headed in town this morning to do the same but at the moment the weather is very yucky, icy, snowy stuff.

Happy tract smack-downing!