6 Reasons We Chose Goldfish

1. Goldfish don’t have to be taken on walks
2. Goldfish don’t smell
3. Goldfish don’t need to be potty trained
4. Goldfish don’t bark
5. Goldfish don’t shed
6. Goldfish don’t bite

When we told some of our friends that David and I purchased goldfish as pets, Richard asked, "What's the difference between having real goldfish and a goldfish screensaver?"  Katy chimed in to answer:  "Real ones die."  


Hannah said...

Very good reasons. I wouldn't miss the dog mess, puppy paw prints, or the daily attention he needs. I do enjoy the walks though. Keeps me in shape. : ) Have fun with your new friends!

Bethany said...

That's funny. How many do you got?

Anonymous said...

That's funny...'Real ones die!' When I was in college, my roommate had several fish in a small aquarium. They were actually really cool. Then our college made a no fish rule but they were nice enough to grandfather him in.

Arlene said...

I like the no shedding point! I love our kitty, but definitely hate having to deal with fur everywhere!

But, having to clean out the aquarium would be on my list of things to hate, too... so I guess it's balances out. :P

The Herd said...

Well, another difference...screensaver fish don't eat...real ones do!

Mommy said...

LoL! Honestly, I think I perfer a dog. Fish Tanks do need to be cleaned. ;-)

Hope all goes well with them. We had one that lived til he was 11 years or something crazy like that!

Saved by God's Grace said...

I prefer dogs! Smith & Wesson are simply the best! My mom used to accidentally cook our fish, since their bowls sat on the stove. Sometimes she would forget to take them off before cooking....yuk. And also, fish can sometimes stink, if you don't clean they're bowls enough...but I'm sure you will clean it regularly. ;) silly Lauren.

Jennifer said...

Reason #7. Fish can't escape!

I can't tell you how many times we have had to chase pigs, chickens, goats, dogs, and even cows when they found a way out of their pen. It can be frustraiting!