Fried Brain = Lame Title

Today, like the other days in our four-day weekend, was wonderful...  around here, we like to extend birthdays for as long as possible... tonight, my family (parents and brother, aunt and uncle, cousins, and grandparents) came over for David's birthday get together.  Since we were gone all weekend, I didn't have time to make anything myself, so we had apple pies from Publix and a Boston creme pie from Walmart.  I only tried the apple pie; it was delicious!  

About our trip:  It was wonderful!  We had so much fun, I can't even begin to describe it.  It was amazing to be able to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.  There was no schedule we had to keep or any specific plans.  We just wanted to be together and have a fun time. We definitely succeeded on both counts.  

On Friday, we woke up and ate breakfast at 8:30 (it was in a cute dining room with lots of forks and fine china).  Then we sat on the pier for a little while and just enjoyed the sunshine and the view.  Then, we went to a state park and walked on the boardwalk and beach.  We saw several turtles, lizards, and butterflies.  Later that morning, we walked around the historic downtown of New Smyrna.  David and I have a magnet collection (we buy one wherever we go), so we were able to buy one to add to the fridge... it's a beachy number with a place for a photo from this weekend (I already printed a picture and cropped it to fit in the little frame).  We did a ton of other things, too, but at the moment, they are not coming to me.  Friday night, we had a romantic dinner at a very nice restaurant, then we walked on the beach close to the spot where David proposed.  

Saturday, we kept pretty much the same routine.  Woke up early & browsed around. Stopped at some parks.  Looked at the water.  That type stuff.  At one location, we saw dolphins and pelicans.  It was great! The pesky birds would fly to wherever the poor dolphins were and pester them. There were also these perky little fish that liked to jump out of the water.  David and I tried to get a picture, but were never successful.  

So...  we're back home now.  We took 251 photos... I spared you.  There are only 60 in the slideshow from yesterday.  Today's pictures demonstrated the Browns' ability to be ridiculously silly.  I don't know what caused David to pretend like he was going to dive into the water, but I thought it was hysterical.  I took a picture, and he wanted to return the favor.  

ADDED:  If you care to submit title suggestions, please feel free to do so. C:


The Herd said...

250+ pictures!!! Wow--thank God for digital right!!

Mommy said...

It looks like you had a fun weekend! Just remember if you ever have a baby and visit a bed and breakfast with him, make sure to tell the hostess *before* hand, lol!

By the way. Fritz is a Schnauzer. That is the breed that I had been researching even before our kitty died.

The breeder I wanted to get one from was very expensive. We have had alot on our plate money, wise. So I couldn't justify buying a pure bred. But that is what I wanted!

The Lord knew exactly what our family needed. I was just looking on pet finder for a puppy. Just to "see" and saw a schaunzer girl up for adoption at a human society for $250. That included shots, micro chip, and neutering! But the lady at the pound said that the girl had eight inquiries. She told me about Fritz, and said no one had asked about him. :)

So I drove up to my moms Friday night, and dragged my poor mom out of bed at 5:30 am and drove two hours away and got this little guy. :)

He is soooo adorable and sooooo sweet! He loves to lay in our laps, or on our foot! Even Jeremy is smitten!

The Human society rescued him from a Puppy Mill that was closing down. So that's why I got a pure breed puppy for that price!

Anonymous said...

So does that mean that we all get to submit a title or a caption that describes this post? How about "Weekend Romance: My Husbands Birthday Celebration"

I'm glad that you are having fun!