Laundry Update

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions regarding the towels! After reading your comments and researching a little bit on my own, I cleaned my washing machine with white vinegar and a little bit of bleach (poured them into an empty, hot wash cycle), hoping to get rid of any residual build up.  I also purchased some OxiClean and rewashed the stinky towels...  I don't know if the smell is 100% gone, but it is already SO much better!  I'm going to try washing them one more time.  I have a feeling that the odor will be gone, never to return again.  Praise the Lord! I really do hate smelly towels!  

More later, but for now, I need to get ready for church!  

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The Herd said...

You might ask around and see if anyone near you sells Melaleuca products. I use their product called Solumel and it's a God send product! It removes smell and stains. You have to be a distributor to buy it though or know one. I have a friend that is, so I get it from her.