New Project

sweet peas

Yesterday, I started a new project.  When I'm a teacher (if I can find a job...), I want to give my students a rich array of experiences.  One of them being growing plants from seeds.  When my cousins and I were young, our grandfather always had some project for us.  One summer, we grew thousands of oak trees from acorns!  With time, they grew very well, and we were able to sell them and make quite a bit of money for youngsters. Since those summers of planting the acorns and tending to the seedlings, I haven't grown anything from a seed.  So, I'm giving it a try before I get a class of my own.  I planted sweet peas, daisies, baby's breath, and asters.  I tried Dixie cups (the red plastic ones) with wholes punched in the bottom for drainage, as well as an egg carton.  I want to figure out which would be the best flowers to try, and what container will work the best.  I also think it will be fun for my students to experiment with the types of seeds and containers, but I certainly need to know ahead of time which will work the best.  


Hannah said...

I have been wanting to grow some flowers and veggies, but I have too small of a place and no land to even begin. I can not wait to get into my own place so I can tend to some flowers and a garden. Have fun with the project!

The Herd said...

Fun Fun! I can't wait to see pictures of how they turn out. I've planted bulbs, and done seed experiments, but nothing ever really blossomed.

Dawn said...

How fun! It sounds like you will be an awesome teacher.

I'm sorry to hear of your cousin's death. Was he married? I will be praying for your family.