Our Weekend

Despite the fact that I have had a wonderful weekend, there’s really not much to share. We did the normal weekend stuff. The only “out of the ordinary” thing that we did this weekend was attend a Stetson baseball game. We’ve always enjoyed those, so it was nice to be able to watch the Hatters. They lost the first game, and won the second, I believe… we didn’t finish the second game of the Double Header. 

I was in the nursery again this morning. The kids were quite noisy, but they were very cute! Our nursery is a very small room; when there are four or five toddlers and several babies, it is rather cramped. We have to constantly tell the toddlers to watch out for the babies, and they’re honestly not that great at the whole “watching out” thing. 

A young guy was baptized this morning. He has been coming for quite a while with another new family in our church, and he trusted Jesus a couple weeks ago. He approached Bro. James telling him he wanted to be baptized. I’m glad that baptism has nothing to do with salvation; but it’s nice to see a new believer whose desire is to follow the Lord immediately! 

I hope you all had a great weekend, as well. The Lord is really good, isn’t he? It’s so nice to have a good church in which to fellowship. 

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