Quick Update

The funeral:  the gospel was given, but it certainly wasn't given clearly by the minister.  The poor guy spoke for 30-40 minutes and went absolutely nowhere.  I kept thinking, "I think I know where's he's trying to go, but I'm saved!  The unsaved people must be thoroughly confused by now."  After he spoke, he opened the floor, so to speak.  My dad was the third person up, and he gave the gospel in a very clear, concise way. Praise the Lord for that.  My cousin (the brother of the one who passed away) would have given the gospel, I believe; but was able to talk about something else since my dad had already done so.  He talked about different instances where God protected my cousin (pranks, accidents, cancer), and gave a lesson that he had learned from him: Don't sugar-coat stuff.  Tell it the way it is.  The cousin who died was very vocal about caring for his family, loving people, etc.; but he also told people when they were doing something wrong.  

We're about to walk out the door to go witness in Orlando.  If you read this before 11 p.m. EST, pray for us!  


The Herd said...

Praying for you...it's 9:37pm:)

~Tori~ said...

Hope your witnessing time went well! It's so neat that you have the opportunity to do that!

I hope that throughout the funeral, even if no one accepted Christ right then, that the message will come back to their remembrance. We don't always realize how much people pick up on - at least a seed was planted in their heart!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for not only your dad's outward testiony of faith but also your cousin's. I'm sure many hearts were touched and hopefully drawn to Jesus Christ.