The Results Are In

The last poll asked, "What do you like to read about on people's blogs?" 
The choices and results are as follows:
  • daily life - 100% want to read about daily life
  • church - 35% want to read about church
  • spiritual issues - 78% want to read about spiritual issues
  • humorous events - 78% want to read about humorous events
Keep in mind that people were allowed to select all answers that applied.  

When I read a blog, I want to read a combination of all of these things. I know that people say a blog should have one specific topic, but not always necessary. I like reading about your daily lives, what is going on with your church family (who's getting saved, etc), spiritual triumphs or struggles, and funny things.  I just wanted to see if others agreed with me.  

Please be sure to vote in the new poll!  

1 comment:

lemons to lemonade said...

Your poll is hard to answer. I am your sister in Christ and therefore your family. I am a friend, although I have not seen you in several years. Lastly since it has been so long since I have seen you, you may not remember me and so I am a visiter. I truly enjoy your blog. Thanks