Why I Blog...

As I was blogging one day, I realized that I had written one hundred posts. Reaching the hundred mark caused me to stop and think about why I started the “A Day in the Life of the Brown Family” blog. I decided to fuse my thoughts with my love for lists, so here goes. 

  1. Blogging gives me the opportunity to write. As a teacher, I want to improve my writing skills. This is a good way to do that. 
  2. Blogging gives me a way to keep up with people. I have friends who live out of state, even out of the country. I can’t talk to them all on the phone every day, but if they read my blog and I read theirs, we have a way to communicate and keep up-to-date on what’s going on. 
  3. Blogging allows me to meet new people. I have always loved making new friends, and now this has opened up a whole new way of doing that. I’ve already “met” like-minded people who also enjoy keeping a blog. 
  4. Blogging is a way for me to document happenings in our lives. We don’t want to forget random tidbits or humorous conversations. I don’t do well at keeping a journal, so this allows me to have a record. 
  5. Blogging is fun! Why? I’m not certain what is so appealing, but I really do enjoy writing for my blog and keeping up with other blogs! 

Why did you start blogging? Why do you like it?  


Beka said...

I used to think that blogs were a waste of time, but the more blogs I read, the more I began to like the idea. Then some friends of ours moved to Uganda as missionaries, and we discovered that it is cheaper and easier for them to look at pics on a blog instead of us sending them an email. So now I'm one of those crazy bloggers myself! lol! :-)

Hannah said...

I am just starting to blog myself. I am not very smart when it comes to adding pictures and pretty templates. If you have any suggestions or comments on how to better my blog I would love it.
I do love reading other blogs and since Im moving I want to try and record stuff so my family can keep track.

The Herd said...

I posted on my blog my answer to your question...great list!

Dawn said...

I can second all your reason except the first one. But the main reason I started my blog was because it was a way to reach out to people. In my experience missionary life can be a lonely one. I was desperate for some friendly human interaction even it was via internet. :)

~Tori~ said...

I think the main reason I started to blog was for our family ministry - to keep in contact with pastors, church members, friends, and family. It has proved to really be a blessing!

I had always wanted my own blog, because I love to write and thought it would be fun. I have made so many friends (even though I have never met them!) and it's a wonderful way to keep in contact with friends.

I LOVE to blog and read other blogs as well! I think I'm addicted to it! :-D

The Herd said...

I found a great blog!! It gives lots of tips on how to do great neat things. You might save it so if you ever want to find out something new, you can go here first.