Classroom Library

As if you all aren't already tired of reading about my classroom...  This week, my project has been organizing my library.  Tomorrow, I'm going to a Scholastic warehouse sale.  I've heard you can find some really great deals on books, so I'm hoping that's the case for me. I've been beefing up my collection at used books stores and on Ebay, but there are still a lot of non-fiction titles I'd like to add.  

Today, I subbed in 3rd grade.  It was the worst substituting experience I've had thus far.  The kids were out of control!  I tried time and time again to rein them back in, but it was so hard. They just wouldn't stop.  I finally got their attention when I had them, of all things, put their heads down on the desks for a few minutes.  While their heads were down, we discussed how we could improve the remainder of the day.  Then, I passed out the next assignment and told them when it was on their desk, they could raise their heads and begin working on it.  

I can't wait until I'm done subbing and on to teaching in my own 3rd grade classroom!  School starts August 20.  

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Hannah said...

Just to let you know...I was looking up bulletin board ideas for out room at church and I came across a cute sunflower board thought maybe you would like to look at for an idea....The website is called Homerun Teachers here is the link case you want to check it out. https://2690073547.monstercommercesites.com/classroombulletinboards.html It wants you to actually purchase the board, but I though you could at least get an idea and do it yourself....anyways good luck with it all

Hannah said...

Sorry I quoted the name wrong it is Homeroom Teachers....maybe that will help...HA!

Hannah said...

So I am sorry to bother you again...Sunflower School Supplies is a very inexpensive place to get borders and things...they have alot of cute sunflower things for boards and also a planner book...fyi

Tori said...

Sorry your subbing was so tough. Experience my dear!

I'm so glad you love your work so much, it's refreshing!

Beka said...

That's why I would never want to teach school! Controlling my S.S. class is hard enough! :-)

Dawn said...

I can imagine that subbing would be a hard job. The image of kids walking all over you comes to mind.

Do you know how large your own class will be?