Enter Dalton Eugene and Sophie

After researching fish a little bit, David and I decided to try a betta fish (Siamese fighting fish). Interestingly enough, two girls from church went with me to purchase betta fish of their own... Ours is Dalton Eugene, Shayna's is Darcy Edison, and Meredith's is Dexter Elliot (we gave hers a middle name for her... don't even know if she knows it).  Notice a trend?  We had a lot of fun picking out the names.  

We certainly couldn't get rid of Charlie, though, and we didn't want him to be lonely (well... I didn't) so we purchased another 28 cent common goldfish to keep him company.  Hopefully, this one will fare a little better than poor Josie. Sophie is much larger than Josie (and even bigger than Charlie).  I think he's having a hard time adjusting to not being the "big fish."  


~Tori~ said...

So glad to hear that you got a new fish! :-D Dalton is such a cute name! You all came up with some very cute names...especially Josie! :-)

The Herd said...

You gals are too cute! What a great way to name things when you don't have any children to name yet. I think since we are done with naming kiddos, I might just have to do the naming with middle names for pets!!

Jenna said...

haha that is funny and cute :)