Youth Rally Update

The youth rally went so well yesterday!  There were 85 or so young people, plus adults.  It was a great time of fellowship, fun, and good preaching.  

The day started with a service at 2 p.m.  During that service, there were several specials, congregational singing, a skit, and a brief devotion by David.  The skit was hysterical!  It was a "support group" scene, and the addiction was bubble wrap popping.  The gist is that we shouldn't allow any sin to have a hold on us, and that the only way we can get rid of the sin in our lives is through Jesus Christ.  Those in the skit did an amazing job!  

After the first service, we went bowling.  There were competitions (in 3 age groups) for the highest and lowest score, the most gutter balls and the most strikes, etc.  It was really funny. There was a girl in my group who had 16 gutter balls!  

After bowling, we had pizza and dessert at church.  On each table was a list of 50 Bible Trivia Questions.  The team who got the most questions correct also received a prize.  I believe one team answered 44 correctly.  They weren't easy questions, so that was great!  

The day ended with another church service.  Bro. Jeb Smith preached a great message about how God winnows but the devil sifts.  He's a farmer, so he was able to explain the differences between the two.  When you're winnowed, the good is left visible.  When you're sifted the bad is what people see.  Obviously, the Lord wants to take the bad stuff out of our lives and leave the things we do for him visible.  The devil, on the other hand, wants the fact that we're saved to be concealed by our sins.  It was a really good message.  I pray that the word of God will effectually work in their lives!  

I unfortunately, didn't take any pictures!  I'm mad about that!  However, there were several ladies taking many pictures.  I'm going to ask them for a CD.  Once I get those, I'll definitely share!  

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~Tori~ said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Glad to hear that God was at work and that things went so well!