Virginia Trip Report

Did we have a wonderful trip or what!  Everything from the drive to the church services to the time we spent assembling Bibles was great. We thank the Lord for such a wonderful time of fellowship and service.  

On Friday morning around 7, David and I, along with 12 young people and another couple, headed out for Virginia.  After visiting several gas stations, all (very slight exaggeration) the rest areas, and a Cracker Barrel along the way, we arrived in Cleveland, VA about 15 hours after leaving DeLand (please note the drive should take about 11 hours).  We visited briefly with Brother Scott Suttle and his family, and headed to bed to rest up for our busy Saturday. 

Saturday morning, we headed to what Spring City Baptist Church calls their "Publishing Room."  It's an old Chevy showroom that has been converted into a place where groups can assemble Bibles or portions of scripture.  We were able to spend 10-12 hours there that day, with breaks for food.  We put over 6,500 portions of the Bible together.  It was a blessing to watch the young people work hard.  Watching something go from raw materials to a finished product was amazing, too.  The John and Romans that assembled are in Russian.  Please pray with us that they will fall into the hands of those who  are truly seeking for the truth!

On top of all our hard work and fun, we met so many kind people. It's so nice to be far away from home, but meet like-minded people with whom we can get along because we have a common bond -- our Savior Jesus Christ.  


Jennifer said...

That's great that y'all were able to help out in such a great ministry! Our church supports a similar ministry and I've often thought it would be neat to help them. Maybe some day I will be able to.

Jenna said...

How neat to be able to put Bible's together knowing that someone may read it who's never seen one before. I have to say I'm jealous!

Mommy said...

Road trips are always fun with large groups of people. ;-)

Glad you were able to help put together God's Word for seeking people. :)