Photo Ramblings & Conversations from Third Grade

Our new coffee table.  I don't really "love" the gold legs, but 
the table's a much better size than the one there previously.
at the UF/Ole Miss game on Saturday.  There were over 90,000
people in attendance.  We were able to pass out many tracts. Even 
more were able to read our signs and hear preaching.  
A recent picture of some of the youth of BBC.  These were those at our 
September "Missions Class."  This month we talked about and wrote
letters to a missionary serving underground in China.  
David and I were offered free tickets to get into the FL/Ole Miss game, so we took
advantage of the offer. We enjoyed ourselves, even though FL lost.  It's so nice
that drinking isn't allowed in the college stadiums!  We wouldn't have
enjoyed our time nearly as much.  
This picture was taken Sunday night at our house. There were several teams 
trying to put on frozen t-shirts.  This team had the most difficult time.  

On another note...

Wow have I been bad about keeping up with the whole bloggin' thing or what! Thankfully, I'm not as far behind in my classroom or in "real life."  Actually, I've been doing better than I thought I would... I was a little bit nervous about teaching and keeping up with church activities, keeping the house pretty neat, and the normal routine.  It's so much different having my own classroom and being able to plan ahead...  my life really works better when I'm able to plan.  When I did my student teaching, my cooperating teacher wasn't very organized, so that added lots of unnecessary stress.  

Conversations from Third Grade:  

Student 1 (adorable, blond-headed girl):  Mrs. Brown, did you see Mrs. So-and-So (Teacher's name omitted in case anyone knows her) the other day?  
Me:  Yep.  Why?
Student:  Because she was wearing a skirt with a slit up to the knee!  To the knee, in first grade! I really don't think that's appropriate for first grade.  What do you think?  
Me:  Well, I wouldn't wear it, but it wasn't scandalous.  
Student:  Right...  
Me:  Do I dress appropriately for third grade?  
Student:  Yep.  
Me:  Would you let me know if I didn't?
Student:  Oh, yeah!  (student 1 runs off to play with her friends at recess).  
A few minutes later, student 1 comes back and says:  Mrs. Brown, I have a hole in my shirt!  
Me:  Is that appropriate for a third grader?  
Both of us:  Crack up laughing.

Student 2 (not-quite-so-adorable, but still cute, boy):  Mrs. Brown, I liked you way better when you had longer hair.  
Me:  You liked me better as a person or just my haircut?
Student 2:  Well, as a person; but don't worry, you're still the same on the inside.  I just liked your haircut better before.  
Me:  Great!  I'm glad you still realize I'm the same on the inside.  


The Herd said...

The student conversations...were hilarious!! My husband and I were laughing after reading them!!!! I love all the cute pictures of you and your hubby...hey, you can always paint the legs of the coffee table if you want a different color than gold. It looks nice with the couch though.

Mommy said...

I see Sweetie!!!!

It sounds like you have a great class Lauren. I bet they crack you up alot. I don't know if I could be serious when need be. ;-)

Gwendolyn said...

LOL...I loved the comments from the children. Kids are so honest!

~Tori~ said...

Love the table!

What cute little kids!

Arlene said...

Little kids are so much fun! :o)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading the conversations you have with your students! Kids say the cutest things! One day we had our pastor's 3 kids over, and their 6 year old daughter said that if she ate too much, she would get a "stummy" ache - combination of "stomach" ache and "tummy" ache. :)