March For Jesus

This video is from a March for Jesus held last year.  

Today we had our third "March for Jesus."  In these marches, the leaders determine a route to take, and then recruit people to participate.  We march spaced about fifty feet, holding signs and wearing red Jesus Saves t-shirts.  Today we had about 200 people marching.  We marched in teams -- the team with the longest route went 5.8 miles.  If we were all spread out according to plan, we had 2 miles of people with signs that said, "Your Best Choice:  Jesus Christ."  In this time of political campaigning, we like to remember that the only "candidate" to keep his word is going to be Jesus Christ.  All men will let you down in one way or another -- we just need to keep our eyes on Jesus and do our best to live peaceably with all men.  

After the march, groups headed back to the church for food, fellowship, and games.  Everyone, especially the kids, had a wonderful time. We played an enormous game of musical chairs, a game of water balloon volleyball, tug of war, and capture the flag.  When I left a few minutes ago, the guys were setting up a game of football.  We are definitely a church that likes to work and play hard! 

Please join the Bible Baptist Church of DeLand in praying that our march caused someone to stop and think about eternity.  If you saw 200 people holding signs about Jesus, you'd think something about it.  If nothing else, we know seeds have been planted that other saved individuals will be able to water at a later date (I Corinthians 3:6).  

On another note, if anyone needs a fun game for kids, you should definitely consider Water Balloon Volleyball.  You need a bunch of old towels, water balloons, and a volleyball net.  Two people hold a towel, and they catch and bounce the ball over the net with the towel that is spread between them.  This is a great game for teamwork and it is really cute to watch!  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  


Tori said...

Wow! That's great Lauren!! Would have loved to have been there.

Praying people will turn to Christ because of the efforts!

Lynn J. said...

We had a great time, having had the opportunity to join you all at BBC for the March for Jesus! We had a great time, and we thank you for the hospitality you all showed us. It is a joy and blessing be able to join you all with your efforts to reach lost souls! XOXO, Lynn

Jessica said...

That is great to hear! I ditto Tori on that! I so appreciate all that your church does. I especially appreciate the MP3 ministry of your Pastor's. What a wonderful Exhorter he is! You are truly blessed to be under his leadership. Pray for us folks out west. My church is the only bible believing baptist church in the entire County.( I thank the Lord we found it) The West is in need for churches and pastors. I am so thankful our pastor has a burden for the folks out here. There is truly a need for him and folks like him all over out here. Thank God for willing hearts! Hugs,