Accomplishing My Goal

Lest I disappoint someone who shall remain unnamed (you know who you are), I have to tell a little bit about how I've lost weight...  I've needed and wanted to lose a few pounds for about a year now...  each time I would start trying and show some success, something would always happen to sabotage my efforts... a fellowship at church with only chips and desserts, a birthday party, etc.  Then, when I was a little way into my weight loss, I would quit.  Usually, it wasn't intentional, it just happened due to the circumstances at the time.  

When I got on the scale and saw a number that was ridiculously high (for me), I decided it was time to stop "trying" and do something about it.  At first, I just changed the way I ate.  In stead of eating a turkey sandwich, chips, and a couple cookies for lunch, I switched to salad with lite dressing, yogurt, and graham crackers.  When my students give me a cupcake or a cookie, I wait until they are out of the room and throw it away.  These changes were difficult in the beginning, but now I'm used to not eating these things at all.  

When I started seeing some pounds come off, I was even more motivated, so I started adding cardio workouts (I use Leslie Sansone and Chris Freytag DVDs).  I've recently added light hand weights, too.  I've also started keeping track of everything I eat on everydayhealth.com.  I measure out portions (what I thought was 1 serving was really about three), record them online, and then I'm able to see what I've really consumed in calories that day.  

With all of these "efforts" combined, I've lost in the neighborhood of 20 lbs in about 2 months. At first, the pounds came off really quickly because I went from eating very poorly to eating healthfully and from not exercising at all to exercising quite a bit.  It's moving a little more slowly now...  I've been losing 1-2 lbs. a week (which is what people suggest).  I would love to lose about five more pounds.  

Now, I exercise every day and eat more healthfully than I ever have.  I have much more energy and it's so nice to be able to need a size 6!  


The Herd said...

That's awesome! I must say you way to loose is sooo great! The eating better and exercising!! Way to go!! Are you still enjoying your teaching job?

Anonymous said...

Howdy! I stumbled across your blog while browsing through the "Christian Women Online" blogroll, and I hope you don't mind the surprise visit! You have a lovely page and I wish you a very Merry Christmas! <3 Martha

P.S. Your entry was very inspiring, my number is TOO high (200's, ugh) and it's time for me to lose weight once again. I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs :) good luck!

Tori said...

Yea for you Lauren!!
I'm sure the increased energy helps in the classroom!

have a great New Year!

Jessica said...

Good For you! That is AWESOME! I need to lose about 10 and I will be content! (don't we all feel that way?) All I need to do is get motivated and stay disciplined and I know I can do it! thanks for the motivation!


Jenna said...

Wow Lauren! That is wonderful, congraulations! Keep up the great work!

Jennifer said...

That is great! I need to loose some wieght too. I had lost about 15 last year but . . . *wispering* I gained it back. : (

How are y'all doing? It has been so long since I've been to your blog. Do you still love your job? I hope everything is going great!