On my way to work each morning, I listen to the news on the radio (87.7 - CBS Early Show).  I usually get to catch the weather and health watch as I'm driving to work.  Until today, when I leave work, it's usually the news.  With the new schedule, I got in my car to Dr. Phil this afternoon.  I usually wouldn't have kept it on, but something I heard piqued my interest.  

The show was, from what I could gather just hearing a portion of it, about the recession's effects in Detroit.  People were apparently coming on the show discussing how it is tearing their family apart, etc., etc.  Well, Dr. Phil was calling people losers and telling them that they needed to put their families first, get to work, etc.  It's not a time to be picky about the job you "really want," etc.  At one point in the few minutes I was listening, Dr. Phil was pretty much yelling at the audience.  Guess what!  The audience was cheering.  They are interested and care about what he thinks. 

I definitely don't think you should set an alarm for 5 o'clock each afternoon and sit down for coffee with Dr. Phil, but I would love you to take a minute to think about this:  At church, so-called Christians get offended when preachers expose sin; they get upset when a man who has studied the Bible presents God's opinions about false religion and incorrect doctrine. They're more worried about not offending people than they are the truth.  Are we really going to let the world listen to their "preacher" talk about the world's problem and not listen to our preachers who are giving us the truth?  If we are, our nation has much bigger problems than the "failing economy."  

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