You teach Where?

When people ask me, "At what school do you teach?" (though they usually don't use the correct grammar), I always cringe on the inside.  Sometimes, people automatically assume things... for instance, if you teach at an "episcopalian" school, you must have to teach their doctrine.  Well, I'm very happy to say that isn't the case at all!  Just last week, one little girl came up and asked, "Mrs. Brown, how does someone become a disciple of Jesus?"  Of course, I didn't tell her, "Well, if you just get baptized and take communion here every Sunday, you'll be okay."  I asked her if she knew what sin was.  When she said she did, I was able to tell her what Jesus Christ has done to take away all of her sins!  I then explained how she could make that personal.  Then I said that after she had made that decision, if she wanted to follow Jesus, that's discipleship. She wasn't ready to make a decision at that moment, but a seed was planted! Please pray that during the next few weeks I'll be able to talk to her more.  

Now, as for people assuming that I'm teaching false doctrine based on my association with school, I hope they don't think when they see me in Walmart that I'm buying alcohol (they do sell it there, you know!).  It made me really sad to realize some people feel that I would actually teach a child the wrong way to heaven, and I just wanted to clear it up once and for all!  

This conversation with my student made me start thinking about the word "disciple."  I just looked it up, and the definition is "someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another."  Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ?  Are you actively spreading the good news of Jesus Christ?  When Bro. Ray was here to preach the youth rally at BBC, David and I were impressed by his boldness.  David and I are going shopping today... I'm going to see if I can get out 15 tracts.  

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