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Well, here it is again… been too long since I’ve posted on my blog.  Hopefully, I’ll be keeping up better now that it’s summer (not that I love summer or anything)!  For those of you who don’t know, David and I decided that I won’t be going back to teaching in the fall.  We’re hoping (praying) to start a family in the very near future, and both of us want me to be at home when that happens. 

Last week, we had a great “youth” trip (even though the average age was 27) to West Virginia and Virginia.  On Sunday, June 7, we left with 15 people from church.  We set off for Gilbert, WV, to help Bro. Mike Gibson (a missionary in St. Lucia) hold a tent revival in his home town.

We were supposed to have a group of rooms at the Mountain Breeze Motel, but Bro. Mike found us two mobile homes to rent.  That ended up being so much nicer!  We ladies loved being able to keep our distance from the “guy shack,” and I’m pretty sure the guys enjoyed it to.  Whenever we would make our appearance, Matthew S. (14) would say, “Why are you here?  We don’t have any fun when the girls are around?” 

During the day, we went from door to door (and sometimes it was a hike to get to the next door) passing out fliers and tracts and inviting people to the meeting.  At night, we helped in the services whatever way we could.  Two people claimed to trust Jesus as Savior while we were there.  Makes every effort worth it! 

On Friday, we left Gilbert and headed to Lebanon, Virginia, where Spring City Baptist Church has a Seed Line publishing room.  We were able to collate, staple, and cut around 9,000 John/Romans booklets for a family in our church going to Sierra Leone as missionaries.  What a fun, enjoyable way to serve the Lord and help out a brother and sister in Christ!

Unfortunately, at this time I don’t have any pictures to provide.  One chaperone on the trip has a very nice camera, so once I get her disk, I’ll post some.  

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Arlene said...

I hope the Lord will add to your family soon... my husband and I are praying for another little one for our family, as well. I'll remember to include you and David in my prayer :o)

Enjoy your summer!