Random Update

It's either feast or famine, isn't it?  I can't seem to do this whole blog thing in "moderation."  It's either I post at least once a day (often more) or I post once every few months.  I could throw out a host of excuses (Hello, people!  I'm pregnant... that's an excuse for just about everything, right? No dinner? I'm about to gag because of the smells.  The bathroom's not up to par?  I really shouldn't be breathing those cleaners!  The list honestly could go on and on).  Of course, my lack of blogging has absolutely nothing to do with my being pregnant and more to do with a lack of creativity.  I've had nothing of importance to write about lately, and I really don't want to bore you  (all nine of you) to tears!  

All that being said, life is wonderful!  Despite my "complaints," I'm loving being pregnant.  It's amazing and humbling to think that there's a little life inside of me that David and I will be meeting, Lord willing, in about 6 months!  Knowing that we're going to be parents has really improved my prayer life... it's funny how those things work, but I think I'll just be happy that I'm spending more time with my Savior, regardless of the reason.  

David's sister told us that Bro. Joel suggested praying very specifically for their baby. Following that advice has been really special.  It's very sweet to hear David pray that our baby will eat well, sleep well, etc.  

Please continue praying for a healthy pregnancy!  

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Anna said...

And it is okay to pray for the baby to have a small head :)