"Our Kids Will Never..."

Fine.  I'll admit it.  David and I have had about two hundred "Our kids will never dothat!" conversations throughout the course of our marriage.  Imagine their increase in frequency since we found out that in just a few short months we're going to bring home a little person of our own.  I'm sure we've never said that about anything your kids do.  It's more the temper tantrum in the middle of the checkout line at Publix, pull your pants down in front of a crowd type of thing.  (Side note:  I wonder how many parents looked at me as a kid and said, "My kids will never do what that girl is doing"? Frightening thought.)

We've also had some of the "We'll never do that to our kids!"  talks, too.  

Are we normal? Does everyone do this? If so, what are the things you said you or your kids would "never do"?  Do you (or your kids) do them?  Did you find that your kids were more prone to do the things you said they'd "never" do (God does have a sense of humor, doesn't He?)?  I would love to hear your answers!  

All that being said, there were a few things my parents did that I said I would not emulate. Call me a liar, but I've changed my mind about many of those things.  The parents God blessed me with actually did have a little bit more wisdom than I gave them credit for... who would have guessed?

And for your daily laugh, here is a look back at David's and my childhood:


Anna said...

Good post!

I said...

I will not give my baby a paci while they are learing to nurse. ~ HA! It was not even a few hours after I delivered and my husband was running out to the nursing station begging for a $50 hospital paci!

I will never let my baby sleep in bed with me! ~ When you are so tired - you will do anything to get some sleep! I just bought one of those safe sleepers for the bed. After the baby stage though there is no way I would allow this!

I will never nurse in front of anyone but my husband! ~ When you are feeding a baby every 2 hours that takes 30 min. to eat each time
you buy yourself a a nice nursing cover!

I will always make my child eat what we are eating! ~ It is just not practical. Give it your best effort but sometimes it is not worth the fight!

I am sure there were many more! Parenting truly is a daily journey and these precious cherubs are teaching you everyday just as much as you are teaching them!

Mommy said...

"Never Say Never" is very sound wisdom. ;-)

I had to laugh because "Tiny Boy" just recently tried to pull his pants down to show another little girl his boo boo on his inner thigh. LOL!

Hmmm...I KNOW I said, "My kid will never..." but I can't remember what exactly I said.

Oh, I said my kid will never watch TV. The whole reason we got a TV in the house was so Arianna could watch Baby Einstien, LOL!

I also said my kid will never eat fast food. I actually got away with that "never" for almost three years, so I did pretty good on that one. But after I broke the rule "just one time" and Chick Fil A came into the picture, we eat it about once a week now. ;-)

Priscila said...

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Dionna said...

I said I would never say, "Because I said so." And yes, I've resorted to that a few times. I'm not proud. :)
I also said I would open my home to my kids' friends and others because the home I grew up in had to be "just so" before anyone could come over and even then it was a big ordeal.