2 Months

Riley turned two months old on Sunday. It's so hard to believe that two months have passed since she was born! She's developed quite the personality in these past couple months.

Here are some recent happenings in Riley's life:

-she's been smiling at people other than mommy and daddy when they talk to her
-she's been consistently sleeping 7 consecutive hours, followed by another 3 or 4 (we thank you, little girl!)
-she screams when she's put in the car seat because she would rather stay out and play
-she always starts fussing when Bro. James starts preaching, but quiets down immediately when I leave the auditorium
-she responds by cooing when we talk to her
-she has started sitting in the Bumbo, but only likes it for a few minutes
-she LOVES bath time and knows when it's coming. She can be fussy in the evening, but as soon as you take her clothes off, she calms down because she loves the water!
-she enjoys being outside. Often that's all it takes to calm her down when she's crying
-she has real tears

We can't imagine life without her!

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