And The Little One Said, "Roll Over!"

Riley rolled over from her tummy to her back today. She has done it while propped up on blankets for "tummy time," but today she did it while flat on her stomach! It's amazing how happy little things like that can make a mommy. She worked so hard to accomplish something so little.

Other recent "milestones" include graduating from newborn diapers, growing into 3 month Carter onesies, and putting her hand in her mouth on purpose. Up until now, Riley occasionally would find her finger or fist and suck on it. Now, she purposefully puts her hands in her mouth. I go back and forth about taking her hands out and putting a pacifier in. I can take a paci away later, but hands are a little bit more difficult. I definitely don't want a six year old who sucks her thumb.

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Pastor Mark said...

Hi Lauren,
I would definitely encourage the paci! Kaitlyn is our only Child who sucked her thumb as a baby and we are still working on that bad habit! Unless Riley is like Bethany - who did not suck her thumb until after we took away her paci - it is much easier to take away than the thumb is! Timothy sucks on his fist a little bit but I really encourage the pacifier. I really enjoy your blogs about Riley Grace! Sure wish we could see her!