Riley Grace: Ten Month Update & Photos

In a nutshell, ten months equals into everything. Into everything but unbelievably fun. The interaction is fantastic. She's gone from a little bundle that doesn't move to a baby who crawls all over you, does things to make you laugh, and talks to you (doesn't matter that you have absolutely no idea what she's saying).  

We are blessed with such a good baby!  Unless she's trying to be forced to go with someone else (namely, my brother or the nursery workers at church), she's a happy camper.  She loves to play, eat, and sleep.  

Here's what's been going on with Riley:
... a second tooth
... her first cold and first sick visit to the doctor :(
... trying to stand up on her own
... saying mama (to me, to her baby, to David... everyone is Mama)
... loving her baby doll.  She thinks that thing is the best thing ever
... sticking random things in any open drawer or basket (I find puzzle pieces in my dresser drawers, Little 
    people in my dirty clothes baskets, etc.)
... growling
... cackling when she thinks something is funny
... modeling the hats mommy makes to sell on Etsy
... sleeping 12-13 hours at night.  She goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 and wakes up around 8:30

I can't believe that in a few short weeks my baby is going to be one.  I'm definitely not ready for it.

Oh, and for the record, she does not always have something on her head...  just take a look at the last picture!! 

modeling :)

two teeth... a little crooked but very adorable

coughing :(

playing on her "gym" from the Harvills

playing with Mommy

with Angelo and Gavin, friends from Australia 
working with Daddy


Bobbi said...

She is a beauty, no doubt about that! I especially love the hat. :)

Stephanie said...

Riley is so cute Lauren! I'm sure she's keeping you busy. Your hats are so cute. You really do nice work!

Maureen said...

Beautiful! I am your newest follower, I love the hats you make :)
Please stop by and say hi
Follow me too if you would like :)

Patty Shukla said...

Such a cutie!

If she's into music, here's my website and youtube channel for good, educational interactive music. http://www.misspattysmusic.com and http://www.youtube.com/pattyshukla