Spaghetti Betty

Our little munchkin didn't earn the nickname Spaghetti Betty for nothing. Ever since her first experience with the Italian cuisine, Riley has been hooked.  Whenever "ghetti," as she lovingly calls it, or pizza is on the menu, we have one very happy little girl. The pleas for "morn" are incessant, and it's difficult to get her to eat anything else on the table, especially one of the other foods is green (apparently eating veggies while pregnant does not make your child enjoy broccoli and green beans like the pregnancy books suggest).

Throughout Riley's short life, pizza and spaghetti have provided more than nutrition a full belly.  They've given us many photo taking opportunities; today's lunch was no different. Here are a few shots of our messy eater. 

Disclaimer: Riley usually doesn't walk around without a shirt on. However, when you're wearing clothes that need to be passed down to younger cousins, one must take various measures to preserve their stain-free state. Regardless of the size of the bib, our messy girl manages to get sauce somewhere.  

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