Happy 50th, Brother James!

Today was our pastor's (James Knox) 50th birthday celebration.  There was a party after church tonight, and we had a wonderful, wonderful time.  There was a skit (including the easter bunny, Santa, Mickey Mouse, etc.), videos from other churches wishing Bro. James a happy birthday, and plenty of dessert (I'm happy to announce that I ate more fruit than I did sweet stuff :o).  It was a great time of fellowship and fun.  I laughed SO hard! 

Our church services today were great!  This morning, Sunday school was about Manasseh and Josiah.  I love the way Manasseh ends his reign...  so much better than he started.  I think I'm going to use that on the streets sometime.  When people say something about being too bad for God to save them, I am going to turn to that passage and show them how God extended mercy towards Manasseh even after he had done such heinous acts.  

I was in the nursery during the morning service.  I always enjoy that.  Those kids are such a handful, but they are adorable and a blessing!  

Tonight's message was comparing the mind of God and the mind of man.  We have been going through all the references to thinking, thoughts, minds, etc. on Sunday and Thursday nights.  It has been AWESOME!  There are very few times when a man's thoughts are correct.  I'm thankful that the Bible does tell us to think on some particular things, though (Philip. 3).  

Well, this really has been a "rambling from our life..." I hope everyone had a wonderful day in the church house!  I will post pictures from the birthday bash later.  


Jenna said...

Can't wait to see those pictures! Is mickey, Santa and Easter bunny someof his pet peeves? :)

Lauren said...

yes, they are... My brother was Mickey & my dad was Santa, so I thought it was particularly hysterical!!!

Jenna said...

HAHAHA!! I was Santa in a skit this year at our ladies Christmas party called "Keep Christ in Christmas". Everyone was hysterical and I thought I looked pretty funny too! I had the big belly and everything! :)

David A said...

That's great! Aren't there pictures on facebook of that? It seems like I looked at those. I can't wait to post the pictures, I simply haven't had time yet.