I'm A List Person...

Yep... I admit it... I LOVE lists.  I make to-do lists, grocery lists, lists of things I want to remember, lists of reasons that I love David, etc.  on a regular basis.  Are there any problems with lists?  Of course there are.  Sometimes I forget where I put them.  I used to be MUCH worse about this type of thing, but now I keep my lists in my day planner (a very cute Vera Bradley planner). Now I always know where my lists are.  If I don't have room in my planner, I simply put the list on a Post-it Note **I LOVE POST-IT NOTES**, and then put it on the correct page.  

I think I need to begin a new type of list.  I think every day, I should write down at least three ways that the Lord blessed me or things that I am thankful for.  So, here are three things I'm thankful for today:  
  1. I'm born again and on my way to heaven
  2. We have a cute house to call our own 
  3. I have WONDERFUL family (David, the Riley/Clayton/Bauer/Blanchard-Hipp Family, my church family, and David's family)

1 comment:

Sara N. Smith said...

It was wonderful to get to know you through your blog! I can definitely see your love for the Lord shining through and your love for your husband! :)
Blessings always!