Chivalry Still Lives

I've heard people say (I've probably even said it), in most men today chivalry is absent.  Men don't want to be the protectors, leaders, and providers.  They would rather share these task with their wives (maybe) than take on some responsibility.  

I, though, have been blessed with a husband who is quite opposite! Today's act of chivalry is this:   I went out to get the mail, only to be ambushed (well... okay, maybe not ambushed, but it was close) by wasps.  They had decided to take up residence in our mailbox.  So, I hollered for David to come save the day (he was home for lunch) and he did.  He smacked those boogers right out of the mailbox with his golf club (I had him wait for the camera and he asked, "Are you going to blog about this?").  It may seem very insignificant, but to me, it was wonderful!  I was able to safely retrieve the mail without worrying about getting stung by pests.  Thank you, David!  


Saved by God's Grace said...

aww! That is so sweet!! =) Yes, we as women like chivalrous men!!

David said...

Just want to say...I LOVE THAT GIRL!


~Tori~ said...

How sweet! :-D

Mommy said...

You know your husband supports your blog when he asks if you are going to blog about an event!LOL!

I am sooo thankful to have a husband he does the yucky and dangerous stuff for me. :)

He is great at fixing our car. He even cleaned out the garage the other week, and I didn't even nag him too!

Jennifer said...

Oh how swweeeet!