Homophone Conversation

Last night there was an outing for 9-12 year old boys...  on the way home, one of them needed to use a cell phone... Here's the conversation:
Matthew:  Teacher (that's what they were calling me last night), can I use your phone to call my mom?  
I hand Matthew my phone
Justus:  My mom has a pink Razr (cell phone), too.  That's cool.  
Tucker:  What's so cool about a pink razor?  My mom and both my sisters have pink razors in the shower.  
"Teacher," Matthew, & Justus:  Laughing
Jake:  Silly, they're talking about a cell phone, not a shaving razor.  
Tucker:  Laughing at himself.  


Tori said...

Very funny! I have the exact same razor. :0)

The Herd said...

That is hilarious...I don't have the phone, but the shower one!HA!
I love the pics in the above post...the last two boys look like they are your hubby's relatives...are they?

Phylicia said...

Hey Lauren,
I got your comment on my blog -- that's so neat that your husband graduated from Liberty's DLP! I am loving it myself. I thought it was so funny that you have a pink RazR -- so do I!!
In Him

Mommy said...