Going Without

Today, I left my rings (wedding/engagement) at the jewelers to be "rhodium dipped." It's a procedure that makes them look like they did when David first put them on my finger. When I get them back, I know they will look beautiful; but my left ring finger feels naked without the beautiful set. My mom was kind enough to let me borrow her plain gold band so I will still look married. My cousin and I were laughing tonight, though, because if someone sees my dad and me out with matching rings (and doesn't know us), they will think that he really robbed the cradle. (Today's picture is of David's and my hands on our wedding day.)

A group from church loves to attend Stetson University baseball games... tonight, David didn't have class (we have church on Thursday nights, for those of you who don't know), so we decided we would stop by the game. It never ceases to amaze me what girls will wear out in public! Some of us girls ask each other, "Do they not have mirrors in their homes?" I think someone should do every immodest girl a favor: give her a full length mirror and an honest friend who will tell her where she's going wrong. We Christian ladies need to be faithful to uplift our brothers in Christ who have to look at these carelessly dressed women of the world. I Timothy 2:9 says, "In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array." We need to be certain we are dressing this way so we don't cause brothers to stumble.

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Mommy said...

Is that process of cleaning your rings different than the normal cleaning? My rings sure need some shining up. ;-)