The Health Benefits of Grapefruit

Being one of the biggest grapefruit lovers on the earth, I always love to read or hear things about the health benefits of my favorite fruit (and almost favorite food... second only to fried shrimp... still searching for the health benefits of that...).

Here is a list (Three cheers for lists) I read today... you can read it in its original context at this website.

  • Grapefruit is very helpful in removing or dissolving inorganic calcium which may have formed in the cartilage of the joints, as in arthritis, as a result of an excessive consumption of devitalized white flour products. Fresh grapefruit contains organic salicylic acid, which aids in dissolving such inorganic calcium in the body.
  • Grapefruit can help in weight loss, since it is low in sodium, high in fat burning enzymes. Low sodium intake can help flush out excess water that is caused by high sodium food.
  • Grapefruit has high water content, and an increased water consumption can help increase metabolism.
  • Grapefruit is a rich source of Vitamin C
  • Grapefruit is rich in lycopene (the red color/pigment), it helps to prevent to occurance of tumors and cancer.
  • It is a liver tonic
  • Helps in cases of Gallstones
  • Helps in cases of Cold, Pneumonia, Fever
  • It is a powerful drug-poison eliminator
  • Helps in proper digestion of food
  • Can help improve complexion (I think I do notice a difference when I'm able to eat them regularly)
  • Grapefruit is a natural antiseptic for wounds when used externally.
I'm very thankful that one of our sweet neighbors has a ruby red grapefruit tree and allows us to pick as many as we are able to eat or distribute!


The Herd said...

That's cool that you get to pick the fruit from the trees!!! We take GSE(grapefruit seed extract) in juice to get some of the same benefits. Google it...for mor info.

Tori said...

Well I guess I'm off to buy some grapefruit since I could use all those benefits!!

I'm sure they're even better when they are fresh from the tree. :0)

"Honey, could you please go pick breakfast." Ba hahaha!!

**~Happenings~** said...

Ugh!! I'm reading this and feeling so c-o-n-v-i-c-t-e-d about eating the 3 grapefruits that are in the kitchen right now (not all at once though). My mom bought them on a whim about 3 weeks ago (!) and she has been out of town for 2 weeks. She's coming back today and those grapefruits have been staring at me, especially since the time of her arrival is quickly approaching! EEEkkk!! But since I am a (semi)health fanatic, I think I'll eat one thanks to your very informative post. However, to ease my guilty conscience, I will say that I'm sure grapefruit picked fresh off a tree in FL are much better than those bought from Wal-Mart in the Midwest! No...I'm not complaining, just stating an obvious fact! haha! :) I enjoy reading your blog occasionally. Have a wonderful weekend! ~Rebecca~