Random List

As I was cleaning house yesterday, here are some things about which I thought (sometimes it's really hard not to end a sentence with a preposition...):

  1. Wouldn't it be nice if all cleaners (toilet bowl cleaner, PineSol, antibacterial cleaner, Comet, etc.) could all smell the same? That way, when you clean the bathroom or the kitchen, you don't have some weird intermingling of random, cleaning odors? Wouldn't it be nice if the kitchen could smell like lemons or lavender and nothing else? I think someone should make a line of cleaners with the same exact same scent.
  2. David and I played Phase 10 last night. I learned quickly that I don't like to lose that game... (: David and I also played Uno... Why is it that I win the games that require little or no thinking?
  3. David helped me hang up and fold the clean laundry... I thought that it's probably pretty rare that a husband doesn't mind doing that, and does it without being asked. Thank you, David!
  4. I figured out why my elbows are always so dry and red... whenever I read or use my laptop, I always lie on my stomach with my elbows on the bed or floor. People ask, what's wrong with your elbows, don't you put lotion on them? The answer is "yes," but I negate the lotion with my lousy habit! So... I'm going to try to stop that!
  5. I finished the book of Joshua last night... I always find it exciting to end one book of the Bible and move on to the next when I'm reading straight through... why is that?
  6. And finally... while David was folding/hanging the clothes, he took out a plaid shirt of his and a skirt of mine, and held them up and said, "Do you think these go?" He was playing around, and it made me laugh... We have to go somewhere tonight (a meeting at another church. Our church's midweek service is on Thursday nights). Wouldn't it be funny if I had that on as a joke?
I think about weird things when I'm cleaning... I needed to catch up on things around the house! I'm so glad I got almost everything done! Today I just have to wash sheets and dust!


~Tori~ said...

I totally agree with the whole smell of cleaner idea! :D

If it makes you feel any better, I usually don't win games that take skill either! But I don't like to lose....so I try to develop the skill so I can win! :-D

Jennifer said...

I might have a sulution to your household cleaning supplies! For about a year now we have made our own claning supplies out of vinigar and baking soda. (The reason we started doing this was for health reasons. It is not good to breath in all those chemicals, letting them into your system.) The only cleaner that we buy is toilet bowl cleaner because the vinigar and baking soda didn't work that great.

As for the smell . . . everyone knows vinigar doesn't smell too good, but it is very good for you! Just breathing it in is healthy. But you could also add lemon juice or essential oils to the mixture to make it smell better.

We use those two things to clean our bathrooms, kitchen, and tile floors. If you want to check it out you can go to:

I hope this helps!

By the way, it would have been very cool if we could have been at the Revines at the same time! It was lovely!

The Herd said...

Great deep thoughts!!!

Beka said...

I like playing Phase 10, but my sister Rachel ALWAYS wins when I'm playing! :-( She says you have to think strategically, but I'm not sure I quite understand all that! LOL!

And that's a good idea about the cleaners...The smell that I can't stand is the antibacterial waterless hand sanitizer! Ugh!

Mommy said...

I too use Vinegar. It stinks while cleaning, but when it dries the smell goes away, and any other bad oder.

My husband hates it when I clean with it, so I try to clean when he isn't home. But if he happens to be home, he always makes a comment about it as he walks through.

I use baking soda to clean the tubs. Lately I have been cheating with using Scrubbing Bubbles. It's just quicker. :)

But Baking Soda to clean the sinks and tubs.

Vinegar with either lemon oil or tea tree oil in it for counter tops and Mirrors. (Vinegar works better than Windex in my opinion.)

And just plain old soapy water for the floors. I scrub it like Cinderella! I just never could get the hang of a mop. Very awkward for me with being so short. Plus scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees I actually see the dirt leave. :) That's fun for me. And I can get into awkward corners that a Mop normally wouldn't go.

The kids "help" me too. They think it is great fun. ;-)