If Pigs Could Fly

Last night, my brother and I went to eat with some friends (David was at Bible school, so he was unable to join us).  We ate at a wonderful French-Thai restaurant (the husband is French, the wife is Thai).  The lady (or maybe the man) apparently has a pig fetish (evidenced by the various pigs scattered throughout the restaurant).  To me, the most interesting of all her collection is the flying pig.  We always ask, "Who would want a flying pig hanging from her ceiling?" This is my thinking:  Maybe her husband doesn't want them at home so he keeps saying, "wouldn't this look better at the restaurant?"  

Interesting Note:  My brother was eating rice through a straw at the restaurant last night.  And, once again, someone was asking me, "Is this going on your blog?"  So, I had to include all this as not to disappoint those people I was with (Sarah, Andy, Shayna, Christopher)

I, in a way, have a lighthouse fetish, I suppose.  I don't have a room where everything is lighthouses, but I do have them scattered throughout our home.  For example, we have a lighthouse painting over the couch, a lighthouse calendar in the kitchen, lighthouse prints over our bed, and a couple lighthouse "figurines" David has purchased for me in the living room.  If these were all in one room, it would be overkill; but they are tolerable since they're spread out (I hope). I'm thankful that David doesn't mind the lighthouse thing.  I think he's just glad that I don't have to have something much more girly everywhere in the house.   

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Tori said...

About 20 years ago pigs were really in, I never seen the lure that they had but to each his own.

Rice through a straw, now wheres the picture of that???

And I also like Lighthouses. Kinda hard not to, my husbands office is done in lighthouses, not alot but it's nice.

Have a great Wednesday!