Pilates Extraordinaire

There's nothing in any rule book that says there can't be three posts in one day.  Just wanted to say that tonight, I had a very, very interesting experience.  I watched David and my brother (Christopher... he was complaining that he hadn't "made it onto my blog") do Pilates.  Before beginning the video (Winsor Pilates Buns & Thighs Sculpting Video), they were acting all macho, explaining that they would have absolutely no problem doing the moves.  Neither of them made it through the first side!  When the lady said "breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth" my brother would say, "well, I can do that part." David also said that he had "a greater respect for my ability to complete all the routines for both legs.  It was hysterical... I wish I could have video taped it for all to see.  

On a similar note:  David told me that I looked skinny today!  That made my day!  He also gave me a "Thank you for being me" card.  What a wonderful husband the Lord has blessed me with!


Saved by God's Grace said...

I hope he gave you your socks too!! ;) I washed them and gave them to him for you..hehe

Tori said...

Oh I bet that was a sight, hey Pilates is hard. Very funny!

Oh yea and congrats on looking skinny!

The Herd said...

My husband did my pilates exercises and had more respect the first time, but after that, he did better than I did!!!
Wish you had a video of that one!!

~Tori~ said...

How funny! :-) Sounds like it would have been pretty funny to watch! I'm sure he has gained some more respect for you and your ability to do Pilates! :)

Sounds like such a sweet husband!! :-D

Mommy said...

I have Pilates. I have only done it a few times. I do alright with leg moves. It is the stomach that about kills me!

I am impressed with David. I don't know if my man would think it was macho enough to do pilates. ;-)

He laughes at my Stormie O'martian exercise video. :)