Sleep: The Necessary Evil

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This past week, everyone in my family (well, everyone is a strong word... you know what I mean) has been sick... my brother, my cousin, my dad, even some of our friends. Thankfully, David and I have avoided the plague thus far... I'm just concerned that we'll come down with it last and start a second round of the dreaded bug (103˚+ temperature, chills, terrible coughing, etc.). When it comes to getting sick, I think how much sleep one gets is a major factor? Have you taken a look at our schedule for the past few days? Did you see any room for sleep? I think not! We are now prime candidates for the flu!

So, in order to combat this, guess what I did today! You probably guessed it. Slept in until a shameful hour and ate a grapefruit when I woke up (trying to get a natural does of vitamin C). David and I are very sorry that some of our family and friends have been sick, but we figure we don't need to catch it to demonstrate our sympathy adequately. We are going to attempt to avoid it if we can.

on another note: Yesterday was a wonderful day, as always, in the church house. We are going through the fifth (I think) section of Psalms on Sunday mornings. Our pastor preached a wonderful lesson about that. Then, we ate lunch with some friends after church (we had carrot souffle as one of the dishes... it sounds absolutely disgusting, but it was incredible... seriously!). Did you know there is a Christian version of Taboo (with words like beguile)? We didn't get a chance to play it, but we are going to borrow it for a youth activity.

Youth choir went really well, too... we wish a few more would show up, but we understand that life is unquestionably busy right now. We worked on a beautiful arrangement of a traditional hymn (by the Wilds, I believe)... this is terrible, but I can't even remember the title at the moment.

It was an undeniably good weekend. I hope that yours was the same!


The Herd said...

I love your blog...it's so colorful and thought provoking! I have come across your comments on other blogs and thought I'd check your blog out.

Hoping you stay well and keep healthy!! May the Lord continue to reveal Himself to you and your husband daily!

The Herd said...

Oh, I forgot to mention...I love your bookshelf--I am going to see about adding that to mine!

~Tori~ said...

Hi Lauren! This is funny, because I just looked at your blog today, and then I saw you had commented on mine! :D Thanks for commenting!

I've really enjoyed looking at your blog! You do a great job! Sounds like you guys live really busy lives! :-)

I'll be checking back frequently! Again, thanks for commenting! :-)

Jenna said...

I LOVE caroot soufle, my sister-in-law has the healthiest best recipie!