Sometimes You Just Wonder...

In the afternoons, I work for my dad (he is a State Farm agent) doing his bookkeeping. My dad was out of the office this afternoon taking care of other things, but his secretary walked by his office only to find this... a shopping cart full of various supplies.  You usually don't see shopping carts in offices, right?  It might not be so funny to you, but we were cracking up.  I guess my dad borrowed the cart (we're in the same plaza as a Winn-Dixie grocery store), and told them he would bring it back later.  I can see that it would have been difficult to walk a few hundred yards with this stuff in your arms.  It would also be hysterical seeing my dad push a grocery cart into his office.  

On a different note:  Today has been terribly rainy!  We need the rain, I suppose.  I haven't seen it rain this much in quite some time.  It did let up enough for us to go hold signs and pass out tracts this afternoon, so that was a blessing.  

PRAISE REPORT:  An elderly gentleman at the nursing home trusted Jesus Christ tonight!  A man from our church stayed and dealt with him for quite a while after our weekly service.  

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