Video of Interest


This is a video that a group of unsaved college students created as part of a class assignment about our church's street preaching in Orlando. NOTE:  This is street preaching... there are unbelievers walking by.  They are not dressed how we would like.  BUT, they are being given the gospel. The two men speaking in the video are my husband and my dad (if you can't figure out which is which, I'm not going to tell you :o).  

The voice of the man preaching on the street is my dad's.  At the end, you can see my husband and me (leaning against a window).  I randomly found this on youtube tonight.  


Tori said...

Oh the days of street preaching back in the states!! I loved going street preaching with preachers and my honey when we were in the states. I loved the excitement and reality of preaching on the streets and actually leading folks to Christ. I appreciate men who are still doing this, it seems like a lost art, sadly. We've grown cold, how sad for us.
I just found your blog through Rhonda's and I'm looking forward to reading more!

Beka said...

why is there an authentication request when i visit your blog? if i click cancel, it goes away and i can view your blog as before.

Beka said...

it says
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then it says
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and then it has a place to enter User Name and Password

but when I click cancel, it turns off


Smart Mateo said...

Hello Lauren, my name is Matt and I'm from INDIA.I found your blog through David's.I've seen this video out and out and I really glorify God for such wonderful people who still preach the Good News in the streets as the Apostles did in the dawn of the Church Age.I was a lost sinner and got saved recently. I go through your blogs and put links to them in my new blog. May God richly bless you.