Three Generations

My brother is a senior in high school this year (I can't believe it).  He's played tennis for DeLand throughout his high school days.  Today, he had a match in Lake Mary, so some of the family went to watch him. When I was walking out to the courts, a woman who knows our family said, "Three generations are here.  That is so cool."  I never really think about how blessed I am to have known my grandmother so well.  For most of my life, she has been in very good health, both mentally and physically.  It's also a blessing that all three of us (my mother, grandmother, and me) are saved and love the Lord.  I'm so glad that I can say my family encouraged me to do what is right.  I always think it's sad when people are trying to live the Christian life without any encouragement from their families.  I know it must be more difficult to stay on the right track when you're trying to do it alone.  (I read something simple but great the other day:  We are not called to live the Christian life alone.  As simple as that is, it makes a lot of sense.  We need to surround ourselves with wise friends. See Proverbs 11:14 and Proverbs 15:22.)

One of my cousins has children, so there are four generations now.  I pray that David and I have kids in time for my grandparents (as well as his) to enjoy them.  I know Nana and Jamie will love spoiling them and watching them grow.

Today's pictures is my grandmother at David's & my wedding.  

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