Some of you may remember the conversation that a friend and I had a week or so ago (you know that one where Esther called my cookies smelly and gross? Yeah, that one.). Well, I'll have you know that today, I feel much better about my cooking ability! I baked chocolate chip cookies for a bake sale (to support a teen mission trip to Honduras) and they sold for $200! Yep... I guess now would be a good time to tell you that my own father (not Esther) bought them (and David dropped out of the bidding at $175... I forgive you, babe!). Also, I guess I'm obligated to tell you that a cake sold for $600, too (several families split up the amount & shared the yummy-looking strawberry cake)... when I think about that, my feelings begin to get hurt... I know that my cookies, as well as the cake, are not that good, but we did raise a good deal of money to help 10 kids go to Honduras. That makes it worth it. But remember, Esther... my cookies did sell for quite a bit!

ETA:  Looking back over this, I hope you know that I know my cookies aren't worth $200, and I know that my cooking isn't that great.  I just thought it would be a funny follow-up to my "conversation" with Esther.  

Praise the Lord the young people were able to raise quite a bit of money towards their trip!  I think it's wonderful that they are working towards going, not just having their way paid for them.  I believe it will help them appreciate missionaries' deputation trails and their trip that much more!  

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Mommy said...

Hi Lauren! Thanks for visiting! I am glad you dropped by. At first when I moderated my comments, I am thinking, "Who is Mrs. S?" There are several blogs that I visit that use the name Mrs. and then their initial! Then once I saw your picture, I figured out who "Mrs. S" is. :)

I like your blog. Keep it up! (((hugs)))