Went to the Chapel

Fifteen months ago today, David and I were married! Before our first anniversary, we decided, after hearing the suggestion from another couple at our church, to celebrate "monthversaries." It seemed like so long until we would reach the one year mark and be able to celebrate that we didn't want to wait... so, we celebrated the 16th of each month... we'd go out to dinner or do something special. After our first anniversary, we continued the tradition. David took me to Chili's today for lunch in honor of the special day... it was very good. It was nice to be out with just David.

On the 16th of every month, it's nice to think about our wedding and our marriage thus far... Everything has been so great. I've heard people say the first year is the hardest one... If last year was "hard," I can't imagine what wonderful would be!


Tori said...

Oh wow sweet. Happy anniversary.
You both look so young in your wedding photo, just lovely!

Grace said...

Being married is so much fun! My husband and I have been married for three and a half years now. My husband tells people..."the only regret the I have about getting married is that I didn't do it sooner":)

BTW I love your "monthversaries" idea:)

Jenna said...

I totally agree with you! The first year was incredible! I can't believe we are coming up on our second year!

Kelsey said...

I love your pictures. Very cute. :-)